#NABJ18 Workshops and Panels...More to Come

Rock Stories Using Google Research & Data Viz Tools
This Google New Lab Tools workshop will help journalists unlock the powerful world of data journalism to tell deep, insightful stories and inform their audiences in compelling new ways. Tools include Public Data Explorer, Trends, Data GIF Maker and Tilegram.

Kerner Commission, 50 Years Later
It has been 50 years since the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders, known as the Kerner Commission, shook the news media with its declaration that “the journalistic profession has been shockingly backward in seeking out, hiring, training and promoting Negroes.” What did the news industry get right in heeding the commission’s recommendations and where do we go from here.

Live Shots: Improving Your Vocal Impact
Your voice is your bread and butter in television and radio broadcasting. An experienced vocal coach will show you the key elements of an effective voice. Analyzing Live Shots, understand basic patterns that might prevent your career from going forward and learn strategies to change. Bring samples to review.

Racism and Sexism in Sports
Issues related to the sexism and racism have dominated conversations on all levels throughout our country recently. This panel discussion will delve deeper into the topic with women who have experienced this first-hand.

Re-imagining The Celebrity Profile
Sure, you love to read about Michael B. Jordan — but will you really read 54 of them? And will any really tell you something that you don't know? In the age of declining celebrity access, the proliferation of media and celebs telling their own stories on twitter, it's hard to find an original angle. Here are some ways some key journalists are re-imagining how we see celebs.

Breaking News 101—How to Get, Verify and Relay it First
Panel would be supported with live demonstrations of how to optimize Tweetdeck, Dataminr and other tools to get the latest information, soonest; and would teach participants best practices for confirming reporting in breaking news situations.

Restoring Trust in Journalism
The “fake news” narrative is working: most Americans now distrust journalists. Why, and what practical steps can newsrooms take to turn the tide?

Flint Water Crisis—Now What?
Since 2014, the people of Flint have been fighting to recover from a man-made water disaster created when state-appointed leaders switched the source for drinking water in Flint, Michigan to the Flint River. In an egregious example of environmental racism, about 100,000 men, women and children living in the majority-black city were exposed to elevated levels of lead in their drinking water. People from every state in the United States and 15 countries around the world have stepped forward to help the city and its citizens recover. Join us as a panel of Flint leaders discuss what really caused this government failure; how residents, community leaders and new elected officials are responding; and why the transition from crisis to recovery is still a work in progress.

The REAL Detroit
This workshop will focus on how the City of Detroit is reported on a local and national scale. The panelists will include experienced journalists who are connected to the City to tell the history and rebirth of Detroit. This is an opportunity to highlight THE REAL DETROIT during the convention.

Predictive Data and its Virtual Seat at the Table
There's a new editor in the newsroom: predictive data. From targeted content creation to Artificial Intelligence, let's discuss the pivotal role that data science plays in predicting what media and entertainment content makes it to our screens - and how gatekeepers can protect the integrity of info-gathering.

20 Investigative Ideas in 20 minutes
Investigative reporting doesn't need to take months to be effective. This batch of ideas will get you started right away, with ways to customize them for your own community and audience. Explore documents, data and story resources to stay ahead of the competition.

Pitching a Podcast
You’ve pitched hundreds of stories, but how do you pitch a podcast? Learn the ins and outs from NPR's N'Jeri Eaton, Senior Manager of Programming Acquisitions. After going over the basics, we'll hear live pitches from three brave participants, with instant feedback.

Breaking Through the Digital Glass Ceiling
With internet-based start-ups popping up all across the country, how do we best position ourselves to have a shot at those jobs? We’ll hear from industry executives as well as reporters who have successfully made that transition.

Turning Content into Cash
Communications professionals like journalists are really infopreneurs. Content is king and this workshop will share secrets on how to blog, podcast or white paper your way to wealth. It's all about repurposing, positioning and pivoting your career as a wordsmith. Learn how to turn your words into wealth.

Don’t Just Post: A Guide to Effective Social Media Planning
An effective social media plan is one of the most important tools for businesses. Building a social media strategy can be cumbersome and intimidating. This step-by-step workshop is designed to take participants from start to finish, whether a novice or advanced social media user.

Beyond Alabama: Are Black women ready for the 2018 midterms?
Black women finally got recognition after helping Democrats win a Senate seat in deep red Alabama. In the 2018 midterms, black women will be tested both as voters and candidates in local, state, gubernatorial and congressional elections. Will they again be the deciding factor in key contests?

#MediaBoss: How to Break into Newsroom Management
Advancing into management remains a goal of many newsroom professionals. This unique master class is for those who are ready for the next level. Learn how to bolster your leadership skills, gain career allies, nurture relationships, identify emerging trends, and articulate vision to a team.

Life after the Last Live Shot
For many mid-level or highly experienced on-air talent, navigating life off-camera, once your final live shot ends can be exhausting. However, there are jobs in academia, PR, and other career fields where you can blend and evolve the journalistic skills that defined you on-camera.

Innovative Tools to Step up your Mobile Journalism Game
This workshop focuses on innovative mobile equipment and software that meets the evolving demands of multimedia journalism. We’ll demonstrate mobile phone tripod mounts, lenses, a camera that records multiple views, a phone that transforms into a drone and more. Cover stories in ways that make you invaluable to your team.

Multimedia Photo Tools
From Snapchat to Sennheiser, this panel will discuss the role of photojournalism in today’s workplace while providing hands-on training of various tools used with devices that include: tablets, mobile devices and digital cameras. Come prepared with your fully charged devices as we'll share new technology/techniques to help you in storytelling.

Social Media in the Newsroom: Transitioning to the Digital Desk
Tips on what journalists need to transition to the digital desk. Having a plan of action to reach social media followers. Knowing your audience and knowing what your audience will click on and what keep them engaged.

Slay That Internship
The competition for media internships is increasingly fierce across multiple platforms. How can students slay, starting with the application, landing that job and making a lasting good impression? Veterans and novices explain how to kill it and leave employers wanting you back.

#METOO and the Intersection of Race and Class
How do we ensure black & brown women’s voices aren’t lost in the #metoo moment? Covering sexual violence accurately must take into account the complexities of race, class and gender. The panel will provide ways to improve news reports and review technical terms, statistics, how-tos and other resources.

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